Bedroom Activities

Flash 8 treasures!

Posted in In the room,Inspiring by bedroom on February 23, 2006

I’ve found a whole bunch of new stuff to play with: direct access to flash API functions (you could build a real desktop engine with it) through the “document” methods, and the Path object, which includes easy methods to handle points in vectors. Useless to say that my gesture recognizer will undergo a heavy semplification with these awesome tools.


Stuff to come..

Posted in In the room by bedroom on February 20, 2006

I’m currently working on particle systems and the first work will be a good occasion to write high-standardized code. What I am talking about is a complete tool to handle particle systems.. it will be ready soon, and all commented.

For those who have played with the gesture recognizer, they could have found some bugs.. sincerely, I still have to clean up the symbols list, cause some of them are unsupported yet,  and others non completely defined. Stay tuned, source code will be available soon.

Reason Flavours..

Posted in Code scraps by bedroom on February 16, 2006

Here is an old experiment trying to emulate rope connections in Reason (that famous music software).

Code could be optimized.


Mouse Gesture Recognition

Posted in Working by bedroom on February 15, 2006

Ouf.. it’s a long time since I started playing around vectors and finally they give me an answer to the problem of mouse gestures recognition. Take a look at the app below.


Hotel Video Information

Posted in Sites by bedroom on February 13, 2006

This was a teaching work, and also something that brought up my technical skills. It is an application which interactively browse a large database of hotels in Italy, and delivers geographical informations and demo videos of the rooms. Difficulties came from:

  • preloading of large amounts of data (videos above all);
  • managing a huge, and highly personalized, database;
  • integrating php calls and xml responses from the server.



Posted in Sites by bedroom on February 13, 2006

This is perhaps the most difficult, and incomprehensible, site I made. Notice that I didn’t take part in the design process.. I “simply” coded the solitaire game the site is built around. Main difficulties were:

  • design and code structure of the solitaire ( card games are something quite difficult to code )
  • optimization of loading for the large amount of images



Posted in Sites by bedroom on February 13, 2006

He he, this site has a strange history.. it was done for a cute chinese girl coming in Italy to find “fortune” in the baby fashion business. The strange thing was that it had to be done COMPLETELY in chinese / korean and the italian was only featured here and there. So the challenges here were:

  • Managing an incomprehensible language (this was solved with simple jpg text images, internationalization here was an issue making price of the service too much higher than i asked for)
  • ultra-fast developing (four days) due to client’s needs, but with smooth animations.. they were obviously made with Actionscript.


SalusNutrition srl

Posted in Sites by bedroom on February 13, 2006

Here is a site i’ve worked on for long, long time and which was quite a school for me. This is the last version (2004), heavily based on flash. Important to notice here is:

  • data binding structure, which manages large xml datasets, benefits of an intelligent cascade preloading system;
  • animation, for the first time in my life, was done with Actionscript;
  • Publishes rich contents (heavy images and classic animations) in quite fast time.


Bedroom opens the door..

Posted in In the room by bedroom on February 10, 2006

Finally I decided to start out something.. public. Working for long in your bedroom can give you great satisfaction, but there is a time in which feedback becomes essential. The moment for me has come, so here it is, the Bedroom Activities are now public domain! Please.. give me support. I hope I can give you.. inspiring code and ideas. Ignazio